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Company ALUPRO™ operates in the production and sale of aluminum profiles in the Ukrainian market since 2000. During this period, our company has established itself as a reliable and competent partner.

The basic principle of our company is a comprehensive solution to the issues related to the production of aluminum profiles:

  • primary foundry,
  • manufacture of pressing tools,
  • extrusion profile,
  • machining (cutting, drilling, milling, bending, stamping, welding),
  • anodizing or polymer coating

On the production capacity of the company ALUPRO™ operates the most modern equipment for the production of a wide range of aluminum extrusion profiles, which allows us to produce more than 250 tons of products per month.

extrusion_3Our company produces profile of alloy grade AD-31 and AD-0 that appropriate* to European analogues 6063 and 1050. Currently, at our disposal one of the largest libraries of pressing tools in Ukraine, which is more than 5000 items of products.

Due to your needs of producing original profile, the presence of the tool shop allows for a short period of time to design and produce a template for the production of profiles of the highest precision and the most complex configuration. Thus the customer receives the exclusive copyright on the manufactured pressing tools.


At all stages of production organized the strict quality control, corresponding to the highest European standards and GOST 22233-2001. Our products are accompanied by all the necessary documents and certificates.


Efficiency of manufacturing orders help you save time and organize the most comfortable of your business.

Looking forward to efficient and long-term cooperation!

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Новинка ! Расширение ассортимента стандартной продукции.

В библиотеке инструментов появились следующие матрицы: труба круглая ПАС-445 Ø35х3,5 ;PAS 1508

PAS 882 труба круглая ПАС-1552 Ø20х2,5 ; швеллер 3374 12х7х1,5 .

Новинка ! Расширение ассортимента стандартной продукции.

Появилась новая матрица - швеллер ПАС-2411 с габаритными размерами 15х10х1,6 с удельным весом Q=0,136 кг/м.п.

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