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Aluminum plinths are a perfect combination of quality and aesthetics. Aluminum is easily processed, which allows you to create products of various shapes, colors and sizes from it. The beneficial properties of this metal also make it an excellent material for outdoor use.

If you are sure that aluminum skirting boards are intended exclusively for commercial premises, we assure you that this is not the case! Due to its versatility, aluminum plinths can be used both in the most elegant and in ordinary everyday interiors. Aluminum baseboards refresh interiors and make them more modern. For example, aluminum plinths are a relevant element for currently popular industrial design solutions, especially in combination with wooden elements. When combining several materials, such as wood, brick and stone, aluminum is an indispensable finishing material that adds a smooth metallic shine, while organically combining with other textures and colors in the room.

Convenient bonuses
  • easy to install by yourself
  • strong and durable
  • do not require special care
  • easy to clean
  • universal for indoor and outdoor use.

The main purpose of skirting boards is to close the joint of the surfaces, hide the uneven edge of the floor covering near the wall and protect the walls from mechanical damages:

  • Skirting boards defend the lower part of the wall from wetness. Without plinths, any liquid overturned on the floor can easy encroach under the wall decoration (wallpaper, plasterboard, plaster) and create ugly damages.
  • Skirting boards stop filth and waste from falling into hard-to-reach gaps by creating an overall 90-degree interval.
  • Skirting boards can hide a curved wall - highly-qualified plinth installing can help mask this defect.
  • Skirting boards hide wood floor that enlarge and narrow: certain types of wood floors expand and narrow throughout the year depending on the level of humidity. For this, there is a small interval along the wall, which is closed with a plinth. 

“Alupro” offers a wide range of aluminum plinths. Here you can buy products in black and white, silver anodized or without decoration. We also offer baseboards for hidden installation.