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Aluminum cornices are very popular and in demand due to their high level of versatility. They have both a practical and a decorative function. The most common application for this product is the design of window openings, but they are also often used to arrange the joints between the ceiling and the wall or as furniture fittings.

The considerable popularity and high demand of aluminum cornices is explained by their convenience, reliability and aesthetic appearance in any interior. Aluminum cornices have certain advantages compared to plastic or wooden counterparts. In addition, today a large number of varieties of aluminum cornices are produced, and everyone can choose products according to their needs, requirements, cost and taste.

The main advantages of aluminum cornices

The most important task of any cornice is the ability to reliably support curtain fabrics and harmoniously combine with them. Such tasks are best solved by aluminum cornices.

The advantages of aluminum cornices for curtains include the following:

  • Fairly high strength and stiffness. The metal bar, on which curtains made of even the heaviest textile materials will be hung, will not sag like plastic or crack like wood.
  • Light weight of the product. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to buy brackets of additional strength for fastening to walls.
  • Aesthetic appearance. On the one hand, the aluminum cornice goes well with the rest of the interior (furniture, ceiling or wall decoration). On the other hand, a wide range of colors and a rich selection of textures and shapes allow you to choose a cornice even for quite specific interior solutions.
  • Combine with all types of fabric. Aluminum cornices of various colors and decorations are harmoniously combined with various materials from which curtains, curtains, curtains, etc. are made. Therefore, many consumers choose aluminum cornices when designing interiors.
  • Ease and simplicity of installation. Such cornices are simply attached to the wall or ceiling. The ceiling cornice made of an aluminum profile is mounted with the help of special ceiling fasteners, which are fastened with screws. The profile is attached to the wall using special brackets that are included with the aluminum cornice itself.
  • The aluminum cornice will last as long as possible without the need for additional care.

Thus, aluminum cornices are a really good solution for decorating spaces for various purposes: from stylish offices to living spaces with exclusive interior design.

Types of aluminum cornices

There are single-row, two-row or three-row aluminum cornices. They are a guide rail or a groove into which sliders are inserted. These sliders are equipped with hooks on which curtains are hung. The design is very simple and convenient. The main advantage of such models is that the hooks slide very easily along the steps, thanks to which even curtains made of heavy textile materials are easily pushed and pulled.

Aluminum cornices from "Alupro" are an excellent choice for decorating windows, because they perfectly fit other elements of the room's decor, and in addition, they are durable and easy to use.

 "Alupro" offers 7+ ready-made forms of aluminum cornices from 1.5 to 3.5 m long. Products are available in 10+ most popular and universal colors.