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Uses and applications of aluminum corners 

The main use of aluminum corners is to protect the inner and outer corners of the walls, while ensuring their aesthetic appearance.

In the construction industry, this rectangular profile is used to finish the edges of surfaces, junctions of steps and risers on stairs covered with ceramic tiles or natural stone. In addition, aluminum corners can be used as a separate independent design element of the room as decorative strips in the floor and walls. 

  • protection of corners from hits and damage
  • giving an aesthetic appearance or emphasizing design ideas in the interior
  • cost-effective, no additional upkeep 
  • durability
  • ease of installation.

“Alupro” offers aluminum corners in 30+ sizes. Our products can be silver anodized or with no finish. All “Alupro” aluminum corners are corrosion resistant, lightweight and cost effective that makes them an ideal building component for large and small building projects.