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Profile for LED

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Now it is hardly possible to find lighting that will be more popular than LED. The popularity of LED strips is easy to explain:

  1. Infinite lighting solutions.
  2. You can select the desired brightness level and light shade.
  3. Long service life.
  4. Economical electricity consumption.
  5. Ease of installation.

LED strips are mounted using a special profile. LED aluminum profile or Profile for LED strips light is the top and one of the most popular materials in modern lighting technology. It is aesthetically pleasing, provides mechanical support and protection to the strip, and diffuses light. This profile is widely used in lighting projects for both domestic premises and industrial facilities. Using the LED aluminum profile, you can create exclusive interior elements, illuminate the ceiling, floor and stairs, divide the room into different zones, etc.

“Alupro” LED profile has many different sizes and design options. Therefore, when choosing it, you need to pay attention to:

1. Profile shape

The LED profile can be either straight or angled.

2. Fixing type
  • External fixing, where the profile is simply attached to the ceiling or wall, while the entire structure is visible.
  • Embedded fixing in the ceiling or wall in such a way as to hide the fixture.
  • Corner fixing is an attractive and practical solution, especially in the design of a kitchen or sales area, where a profile mounted at the junction of the ceiling and wall does not attract attention, but at the same time provides a wide angle of light diffusion 
3. Profile size and equipment

When ordering a profile, it is important to choose the width and depth corresponding to the LED strip used. Our LED profiles are 1000 mm and 2000 mm long and 14.6 mm to 21 mm wide. LED profiles can be fitted with clear or matt inner and outer lenses, providing some degree of protection against moisture and dust penetration.