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Aluminum radiators (or aluminum radiator profile) have extensively usage as a cooler for various parts which are heated during operation. 

These profiles are plates with ribs, the key purpose of which is to remove hotness from the cooled element. This design increases the efficacy of that kind of profiles.

Characteristics of aluminum radiators
  1. Low weightiness.
  2. High heat transfer.
  3. Energy-efficient.
  4. Resistant to corrosion.
  5. Long lasting.
  6. Durability.
  7. Ease of processing.
  8. Eco-friendly.

Due to its excellent characteristics, aluminum profile radiators have wide usage in machines, automotive, energy, household appliances, etc. In addition, aluminum radiator profiles are far and wide wanted in instrumentation, in particular for cooling parts of computer technology and equipment (processors, transistors, chips, microcircuits, etc.).

“Alupro” offers a varied range of electrical radiators of various sizes and shapes. You can choose a profile from the offered assortment or order the production of a profile according to an individual project.