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Anodized Threshold

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25.58 - 292.92 UAH Price

The main purpose of aluminum thresholds is to cover the joints of floor coverings in residential and industrial spaces. Due to good operational properties, anodized aluminum thresholds are very popular for finishing projects.

Anodized aluminum thresholds have a hard and durable top layer that won't chip or peel, and are extremely hard and corrosion resistant for exceptional durability, the ability to withstand loads and frequent traffic. In addition, aluminum anodized thresholds have an aesthetic appearance and are elegant elements in the design of the room.

“Alupro” offers a wide selection of aluminum anodized thresholds of various shapes (L-shaped, semicircular, straight and T-shaped), sizes (length from 900 mm to 2710 mm, width from 18 mm to 60 mm) and installation methods (open and hidden). All products are available in bronze, silver and gold colors.