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Industrial profile

Width (b, mm):
Height (h, mm):
314.23 - 452.48 UAH Price
What is an engineering (machine tool) profile?

Aluminum machine profile belongs to the so-called system of structural profiles. Such profile is also often called structural or engineering. The main characteristic of this product is cross sections with various grooves, which are used to implement a huge number of technical tasks.

Usage of a machine profile

Engineering (machine) profile is the foundation and a substantive part of all types of usage in various fields of industry: mechanical engineering, construction, technology automation, etc. 

The engineering aluminum profile makes it possible to optimize technological processes, properly organize the production space and automate production. Such a profile has a surprisingly wide range of uses: from the arrangement of lighting systems to the formation of foundations for machine tools, machine bodies or any other structural systems. 

"Alupro" Engineering profile 

 “Alupro” offers anodized aluminum profiles made of high-quality aluminum alloy, resistant to various factory conditions and chemicals. A uniform edge radius ensures a smooth seamless connection and easy cleaning.

When manufacturing an aluminum profile, we control every stage of production. This ensures an excellent result, and also meets the requirements of occupational safety, industrial design, ergonomics and practicality, as well as environmental standards.

The machine profile can be of different cross sections and, accordingly, have different load-bearing properties:

  • inexpensive lightweight profiles,
  • standard profiles that can withstand heavy loads,
  • as well as reinforced profiles that have the maximum bearing capacity.

“Alupro” offers standard machine profiles with a cross section of 40*40 mm and 45*45 mm.

Why “Alupro” machine profile?

Machine aluminum profile will help you to realize ideas of any complexity. The use of our profiles provides consumers with significant benefits:

  • speed during installation;
  • simplicity of readjustment;
  • finished surface with anti-corrosion protection;
  • simplicity at changes in designs;
  • the ability to reuse the profile;
  • balanced price/performance ratio;
  • saving time and costs due to the lack of additional work (welding);
  • profiles are easy to assemble, adjust and dismantle with simple hand tools.