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Fittings Cornice

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Bracket (1 pc) .

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12.18 UAH

Bracket (2 pcs) .

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Bracket (3 pcs) .

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Set of hooks Euro (50 pcs) .

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Aluminum cornice is one of the most popular and sought-after aluminum products for domestic use. They are lightweight, strong, durable, do not require additional maintenance during operation, it can be easily and simply attached to the ceiling or wall. '"Alupro" cornices come bundled with the following fittings: brackets, hooks and end caps.


If there is a need for additional fastening, you can choose from our assortment the required number of any bracket which meets your requirements.


Sliders with hooks are installed on the cornice, on which curtains are hung. The hooks slide very easily along the rails, making it easy to open and close curtains made even of heavy textile materials.

End caps

End caps cover the sides of the cornice, giving it a finished look, and serve as a safety catch to prevent hooks falling out of the grooves.