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Terminal Glass partition systems

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Terminal (clamping) profile for glass partition systems

Terminal (or clamping) profile for glass partitions is a type of profile used to fix and support glass panels in a modular partition system. It is made of high-quality aluminum and has a clamping mechanism for secure retention of the glass panels. The aluminum terminal profile also has fire-resistant properties. With the help of a clamping profile, it is possible to create shower enclosures, install glass doors and office partitions, build wardrobe rooms, showcases, transparent structures, and more.

"ALUPRO" offers ready-made solutions for terminal profiles, which are the basis for creating modern glass partition systems. With our aluminum clamping profile, you can build reliable glass structures using glass up to 12 mm thick and up to 3 meters high. The assortment of "ALUPRO" includes terminal profiles with decorative covers. All products are available in the following dimensions: length from 45 to 50 mm, width from 10.5 to 29.7 mm, height from 33.6 to 49 mm. The aluminum terminal profile can be anodized with silver or without coating.