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Aluminum strips are a common material with many benefits.


Good characteristics of forming, corrosion resistance, high conductivity, as well as the aesthetic appearance of aluminum strips determine a wide range of their use in the transport, automotive, shipbuilding, instrument-making, electrical industries. Also, aluminum strips are widely used during installation and repair work, in the energy sector, in the engineering and construction industries, namely, for the production of input distribution devices, profiles and equipment cases.

The most common application for aluminum strips is found in the construction industry. For example, they are often used for:

  • sealing seams during repair work, thermal insulation of the room;
  • manufacturing of load-bearing structures;
  • suspended ventilated facades and ceilings;
  • internal and external cladding of buildings and structures.
Properties of aluminum strips
  • High anti-corrosion resistance. This property allows the use of aluminum strips outdoors.
  • Excellent reflectivity and aesthetic appearance. Due to these characteristics, aluminum strips are a sought-after material for the manufacture of finishing elements for vehicles (both ground and air).
  • Low weight. With this property, aluminum strips become an indispensable basis for the manufacture of products for which low product weight is a critical condition.
 The main advantages of aluminum strips:
  • strength
  • plasticity;
  • relatively small mass;
  • high anticorrosive properties;
  • durability;
  • excellent electrical conductivity;
  • non-magnetic;
  • aesthetic appearance.