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Euro Cornice

Length (L, mm):
Width (b, mm):
107.6 - 526.54 UAH Price

The main purpose of aluminum euro cornices is to decorate windows. Euro cornices made of aluminum are convenient, reliable and have an aesthetic appearance in any interior. Euro cornices are also an ideal choice for installing hidden fasteners, if such a solution is provided by the interior design.

The assortment offered by “Alupro” includes single-row, two-row or three-row aluminum euro cornices. They are a guide rail or a groove into which sliders are inserted. These sliders are equipped with hooks on which curtains are hung. The design is very simple and convenient. The main advantage of such models is that the hooks slide very easily along the rails, thanks to which even curtains made of heavy textile materials are easily pushed and pulled.

"Alupro" offers 7 ready-made forms of aluminum cornices from 1.5 to 3.5 m long. With our warehouse program, the products are available in white color, black ones are made to order from 300 kg.