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Updated system Suspended ventilated facades

Length (L, mm):
The form:
Type of:
Width (b, mm):
Height (h, mm):
Wall (s/t, mm):
18.52 - 191.27 UAH Price

Suspended ventilated facades are structures made of aluminum profile, which are mounted on the walls of buildings in order to ensure and maintain the optimal temperature regime of buildings and premises, as well as to improve the appearance of the facade.

"Alupro" offers an improved version of suspended ventilated systems. The main characteristic feature of the new solution is the reduced weight of the structure while preserving all the operational properties of the classic system. Updated facade systems consist of the following elements: bearing and support brackets, main horizontal and/or vertical profiles, extensions and fasteners. We offer modern suspended ventilated facades in a wide range of sizes.

Our updated suspended facade systems allow them to implement cost-effective complex solutions and are the optimal choice for projects where the weight of the structure is a critical factor.