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Outdoor (anti-slip) Threshold

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Modern finishing materials offer an endless range of solutions for decorating the entrance area of buildings: wood, tiles, natural or artificial stone, etc. Usually, such materials undergo special processing during production, which will protect them from the effects of the external environment, in particular water and dirt. Manufacturers also note that such a coating is non-slip and safe to use. However, even such industrial processing does not always guarantee the necessary degree of safety for pedestrians, especially in our climate during the off-season and in winter. Is there any solution of this problem?

For those who want to make the entrance area safe and at the same time maintain the ratio of durability, aesthetic appearance, convenience and comfort of use, “Alupro” offers a professional solution - anti-slip thresholds.

Anti-slip aluminum thresholds are easy to mount on paving/ceramic or stone areas, on stairs or in front of the entrance to the room. They have an anti-slip function and prevent dirt and water from entering the building from the street. Our aluminum thresholds with PVC inserts are easy to clean, non-slip, prevent slipping accidents and thus provide a secure footing. They also reduce walking noise and protect surfaces from damage.

We offer more than 30 thresholds in different widths, depths and designs that can withstand heavy loads and frequent movement. Aluminum thresholds are available in two finishes - with and without PVC.

Such a wide range allows every client to choose products for his individual needs.