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Length (L, mm):
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An aluminum feather edge is a necessary tool for construction and repair work. It is used to create an even, continuous coating over a large area that would be difficult to achieve with a hand trowel, namely:

  • leveling the floor,
  • plastering of various surfaces,
  • wall and ceiling screeds,
  • wall cladding with ceramic tiles,
  • paneling, etc.

Aluminum feather edges ensure perfect smoothness of walls and floors, which prepare for further decorative finishing. In addition to plastering, aluminum feather edges are used as a level when plastering walls with plasterboard, clapboard, etc. The edge of the feather edger is used to check that different parts of the material are level with each other. Using a trapezoidal feather edge with a nice sharp edge allows the craftsman to get to the sharpest corners and plaster them perfectly.

The light weight of the aluminum feather edge allows you to manipulate it during work easily, even if the length of the tool is 3 meters. The movement of the tool is easily controlled by the thumb and palm; the h-shaped shape allows you to hold your fingers comfortably.

Advantages of the aluminum feather edge:
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Smoothly coats long, straight areas
  • Low weight
  • Simplicity and ease of use.

“Alupro” offers a wide selection of h-shaped and trapezoidal aluminum feather edges of various sizes, silver anodized or uncoated.