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Advertising profile

Advertising profile

Advertising has long become an integral part of a modern person’s life. The advertising industry is one of the largest industries that use aluminum.

The aluminum profile is the main raw material for the production of advertising equipment frames. Click system, baguette profiles, systems for signs, lecterns, stands, light boxes, frames for posters - all this is made of aluminum profiles.

Why are aluminum profiles the ideal material for creating a frame for advertising equipment?

1. A good ratio of low weight to the strength of the material

Aluminum is a relatively light material. At the same time, the strength of aluminum alloy is much higher than that of other materials, which is an important factor necessary to create a strong structure.

2. Corrosion resistance

The surface of the aluminum alloy is able to create a strong protective film of aluminum oxide, which is a natural protection against corrosion. Anodizing or powder coating gives the aluminum profile even greater resistance to corrosion, as well as an attractive appearance.

3. Easy processing

Aluminum is easy to cut, bend and shape. This allows you to make structures of the desired shape and size from an aluminum profile.

«Alupro» offers baguette and click profiles, 3 to 6 meters long, silver anodized or uncoated. With our advertising profiles and additional accessories, you can easily assemble structures such as poster frames, sign systems, lecterns, stands, etc. Quick replacement of images, information messages and drawings is possible thanks to the opening and closing of the frame with the help of locking springs. Such systems demonstrate stability in use, and can be placed both indoors and outdoors.


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