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Aluminum Flat Bars

Aluminum Flat Bars

Aluminum is a material which has found a broad usage in almost all spheres due to its unique characteristics such as strength, adaptability and versatility. The advantages of aluminum, its alloys and products from them are light weight, outstanding electric and thermal conductivity, high resistance to corrosion and plasticity. Due to its exceptional properties, aluminum is more economical than other metals.

Products of aluminum have variety of uses in different industries. An example of such a diversity of applications can be flat bars made of aluminum. As such flat bars can be either extruded or rolled, it’s possible to use them in a number of technologies and products:

  • Medical industry – manufacturing of medical facilities and instruments.
  • Aerospace manufacturing– manufacture of aircraft bodies and parts.
  • Structural components – creation of frameworks and foundations of building structures; use as elements of industrial design and modern architecture.
  • Commercial transport – basis for building of transport containers, railway carriages for cargo and passengers.
  • Consumer goods – production of tableware, house fittings, cooking devices, etc.
  • Electrical components – production of condensers, radiolocators, aerials, etc.

Aluminum flat bars have a broad usage in the electric engineering industry: in electric instruments of high and low voltage, power distribution equipment, etc. Aluminum flat bars differ in technical characteristics, which determine the use of different types of strip in each specific case.

“Alupro” offers aluminum flat bars without coating in the following sizes: width - from 40 mm to 140 mm, height - from 4 mm to 23 mm. Products can be made of soft alloy (alloy AD0) or hard (alloy AD31). We manufacture all aluminum flat bars to order from 300 kg. The delivery time is from 5 working days.

If you are not sure which products to choose, our sales and engineering specialists are always ready to offer the right products and solutions according to your needs.


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