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Boat profiles

Boat profiles

The main purpose of water vehicles is recreation, sports, hunting and fishing on the water. For this, the lightness and strength of the material from which the boat is made is extremely important. In addition, usually when interacting with water, metal is exposed to corrosion, which intensifies in an environment with salt water. Salt is contained not only in seawater, but also in the air, which is carried by waves and wind and hits the boat from all sides. Let's face it, few people would want their boat to be vulnerable to corrosion.

Aluminum exhibits a unique ratio of low weight and fairly high strength, and also has high anti-corrosion characteristics, making it an ideal choice for such an application.

“Alupro” boat profiles are popular due to their lightness, high strength, as well as excellent corrosion resistance in the marine environment, which is achieved by anodizing or powder coating. Additional coating of the profile does not only give the product a good look, but also significantly increases its service life and durability.

Our assortment includes profiles for boats of various shapes (L-shaped, H-shaped, stringer, U-shaped and round pipe) and sizes (width - 17 mm and 43.6 mm, height - 33.5 mm, 34 mm and 47.9 mm, thickness – 1 mm and 2 mm). All profiles are made of high-quality aluminum alloys in accordance with the standards regulated by the conditions of further use and industrial application of the products. These alloys are well adapted for use in water environments and have the following characteristics:

  • Medium and high strength
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good weldability and soldering
  • High efficiency
  • Ease of processing.

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