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Glass partitions systems

Glass partitions systems

Glass has become one of the most popular elements in modern interior solutions. This material provides almost unlimited options for interior projects, supplying an elegant look and forming light open spaced areas. Installation of glass interior elements is carried out using aluminum glass partitions systems.


Glass partition systems has universal usage. With their help it's possible to equip shower cabins, install glass doors and office partitions, build dressing rooms, showcases, etc. In addition, these systems are used for the translucent structures manufacture.

Features and Benefits
  • Versatility. The areas of application of such systems are surprisingly diverse: from the organization of office space to the creation of decorative partitions for residential premises, shower / bathrooms, trade and exhibition areas, etc.
  • Noise isolation. Thanks to their high soundproof characteristics, partitions systems allow working in peace and quiet, which is perfect for workplaces in open-spaced offices. 
  • Ease and simplicity of installation. Due to the high quality of workmanship and the modular design principle, aluminum partition walls can be mounted fast and simply. 
  • Fire resistance. Aluminum systems for glass partitions comply with the standards DBN B.1.1-7-2002 "Fire safety of construction sites" and TU U 26.1-19069394.002-2003 "Protective translucent structures". 
  • Fall prevention technology. Glass elements are securely fixed in the grooves of the aluminum profiles of the system, which are firmly fixed during installation.
  • Individual solutions. Due to the variety of shapes and sizes of profiles for the glass partition systems manufacture, we can offer the best option for each client.
  • Ecological friendliness. Aluminum products do not harm the environment, do not have a negative impact on people and animals, so it is quite safe to use them in residential and industrial premises.

 “ALUPRO” provides off-the-rack profiles, which is the foundation for making the latter-day glass partition systems. With the help of our profile, you can build reliable glass structures using glass up to 12 mm thick and up to 3 meters high.


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