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Profile for polycarbonate

Profile for polycarbonate

Polycarbonate structures have recently become very popular. They can be found in private houses in the form of carports, greenhouses, swimming pool covers; in industrial areas in the form of noise screens, various ceilings and partitions; on the streets of cities as different structures, for example, public transport stops.

The aluminum profile is the basis for such structures. It is used to fix and seal polycarbonate joints of any type and thickness. Connecting with plastic joints, aluminum profiles create the correct geometric design, the features of which are high reliability and durability (the service life can be more than twenty years.) The aluminum profile allows condensate to drain freely, has high resistance to the vast majority of external conditions and natural loads. In addition, the aluminum profile has an attractive appearance and designs with it are always elegant and aesthetic.

Connection profile

A connecting profile is used to connect polycarbonate sheets. This profile completely seals the joints, and its reliable clamping cover ensures high-quality fastening. Structures with such a profile are able to withstand large external and internal loads. Has high durability.

End profile

From the name of the profile it is clear that it is used to close the ends on structures made of cellular polycarbonate. The end profile provides an aesthetic edging of the sheets and prevents dirt from entering the polycarbonate cells. Sizes are available in a wide range of APT: 4-10 mm. The design has high anti-corrosion characteristics.


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