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Profiles for tiles

Profiles for tiles

“Alupro” aluminum profiles for tiles serve to protect the edges of the tiles from chipping and provide an attractive, neat appearance of the surface.

In addition to the aesthetic and protective functions, there is also a purely technological component - they are used as a tile edging to prevent tiles from tearing under strong pressure, especially on areas separating ceramic tiling and walls. 

This profile also provides a flat transfer from tile to a different floor covering (wooden or carpet) of the same height. 

Our tile profiles are manufactured of the first-rate anodized aluminium. Their design ensures their easy installation and eliminates the need for a spacer between the profile and the tiling. “Alupro” offers rectangular, square, semi-circular, T-shaped and other anodized aluminum profiles for tiles. The tile profiles are available in different sizes and the stock offers them in gold and silver. Other colors (bronze, champagne) are available on request. 

Advantages of aluminum profiles for tiles
  • high strength
  • durability
  • ease of installation
  • economy
  • ease of care
  • possibility of high performance coating
  • environmental friendliness.

“Alupro” aluminum tile profiles are your ideal choice for creating impressive effects with ceramic tiles, mosaics and natural stone coverings.


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