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T-beam is an extruded aluminum product, for the manufacture of which aluminum alloy AD-31 is often used. The choice of this very alloy has a reasonable ground - it is strong, lightweight, heat-treatable, and easy to weld, cut, shape, and process. In addition, it is also easy to anodize it, which is very important for products used in the construction of structures exposed to extreme weather conditions or other corrosive factors.

Aluminum T-beams (other names aluminum T-profiles or structural aluminum beams) are general-purpose and are standard building profiles. 

T-shaped aluminum profiles in construction are used as floor and ceilings beams to ensure the physical stability of the structure. In addition to construction work, aluminum T-beam is used for furniture manufacturing, mechanical engineering, etc. T-beams are an excellent structural base for frames, hoists and other supports, trailers, truck bodies and railings, to name but a few of the applications. Considering all these positive qualities and the overall cost, which is usually lower than other available materials, it is easy to see why aluminum T-profiles play an important role in many different types of construction projects.

  “Alupro” offers this aluminum profile in different dimensions and in two finishes: silver anodized and uncoated.

“Alupro's” development, manufacturing, design and marketing experts are ready to assist you with tailor-made solutions for unique applications to suit your needs. Using the latest technology in design and manufacture, our team works diligently to meet all your requirements.


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