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What is an aluminum threshold?

Aluminum floor thresholds - the final stage in the repair.

Overlapping the joints of floor coverings is the main objective of aluminum floor thresholds. While agreeing that threshold is quite a little part in a building, they still perform an essential role in finalizing the look and functional usage of a room: an aluminum threshold clearly delineates adjacent floor surfaces, provide an optimal sealing surface for lower door seals, form an elusive and even shift between surfaces.

Why choose aluminum thresholds?

The thresholds are mostly produced of such materials as brass, stainless steel, bronze and aluminium, wooden laminate or PVC. Aluminum thresholds benefit from their durability, load-bearing capacity, great variety of colors and elegant design. Wooden elements are great for traditional structures, but lacks wear resistance and versatility, and PVC structures usually, although cheaper, will not last as long.

Use of aluminum thresholds

Aluminum threshold are of high demand in every modern premises - both homes and commercial. They serve to edge surface, join carpets, PVC, linoleum, ceramic tile, wooden floors, etc. in domestic and industrial spaces. In addition to the aesthetic component, they can contribute a lot to the energy efficiency of the building.

The variety of aluminum thresholds from Alupro is impressive. We offer thresholds in different lengths (from 900 mm to 6000 mm), widths (from 18 mm to 78 mm), heights (from 2 mm to 30 mm) and decorations (anodizing, laminating, sublimation) that deliver endless possibilities for interior decoration, and at the same time show ability to bear heavy loads and numerous movement. A broad variety of colors allows you to choose products that will ideally fit the interior and definitely improve the exterior of your room. But, if you are not sure which thresholds will best suit your needs and requirements, we are always ready to help you make the best choice.


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