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U-shaped profiles

U-shaped profiles

U-shaped profiles are a kind of common extruded aluminum profiles.


Like most aluminum products, the aluminum U-profile is lightweight and versatile, and its perfect right angles inside and out allow it to perfectly shape a variety of designs. Recommended for finishing, protection, decor and light building structures.


Aluminum U-profiles have a variety of applications, including lightweight construction, vehicle and boat construction, furniture, windows, stair railings, glass partitions and decoration, etc. But the scope of the U-shaped aluminum profile is not limited to purely industry and production. In everyday life, such a profile is also very popular. It is usually used in the household, building something with your own hands, such as sliding doors or greenhouses. 

  • Lightweight and tough.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Available in different sizes and finishes.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Ability to cut with a fine tooth saw or a metal saw.
  • High anticorrosive properties.
  • Durability.
"Alupro" U-shaped profiles 

You are welcome to get acquainted with full range of our products. The catalog presents U-shaped profiles, anodized with silver and without finishing, in 13 sizes. Our aluminum U-profiles have excellent finishing performance and high corrosion resistance. With the help of "Alupro" specialists, you will make the perfect choice of U-shaped profile for your project.


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